Why Linebacker Academy?

Prospective Linebackers

Are you looking to be trained to be the best Linebacker you can be? Our A4 defensive philosophy will teach you the knowledge you need, regardless of scheme, to be successful on the run or pass plays. Our Fundamentals and Techniques are time tested and proven. The only thing missing in your ascension to being the best is YOU!

Why should you attend LBA?

If you have a burning desire to be the best then we are the camp for you. We do not want to take the place of your local coaches we want to partner with them to help make you the best. While majority of the industry simply teach the LB to run to the football. We aspire to teach you the “how’s and Why’s” of Linebacker play. Our run fit reads will guarantee results on the field. If you will commit to the read progression then there is very little doubt your results will be unbelievable.

Who should attend LBA?

Any young man that wants the competitive edge to getting better training and coaching should attend LBA. We believe we can help every young man get better regardless of his skill set. While God gave us all abilities it is our job to help every young man tap into those cores skill sets that allow them to be more successful on and off the field. We are forming a partnership with the family, coach and athlete to commit to excellence in the game of life not just football. If you want to get better LBA is for YOU!

You receive the very best in complete instruction including:

  • Linebacker Training
  • Linebacker Camps
  • Linebacker Coaching
  • Linebacker Drills
  • Man Building

Our Goals

  • We are going to evaluate, educate and motivate the athlete
  • We want to teach proper run fits and reads
  • Teach the Athlete the five types of Pass Drops
  • The three types of blocks to defeat

What Should You Expect

  • To be challenged both Physically and Mentally
  • Expect to be taught the “How’s and Why’s” of Linebacker Play
  • The importance of the A4 alliteration

Then there are some basics that will equate to success in your mission:

  1. Listen to your own everyday home team coach
  2. Live a life of proper nutrition
  3. Train Smarter and Harder than your competition
  4. Intentionally refine your Character constantly
  5. Join the National Linebacker Academy

Can you answer “yes” to the 1 of the following questions:

  1. Do you want to be as good of a linebacker as you possibly can?
  2. Are you a coach that wants your linebacker group to be as good as they possibly can?
  3. Are you a parent with a linebacker for a son that you want to see reach his full potential?
  4. Do you just have one young man or boy in your life that is a “special project” for you personally and happens to play linebacker?

The LBA is Built On a Solid Base:

  • The most vetted, complete and sequential learning system backed by proven results from top notch football coaches from all levels.
  • LBA’s commitment not just to coaching Linebackers, but to building men as well.
  • More than 20 years worth of young Linebackers that have improved the non-negotiables in ways that amazed themselves with their own development.

Core Values:

  • We believe we can change the way young men think about football, career, and purpose for life.
  • We believe a LB’s highest achievement isn’t a scholarship or a victory. It’s earning the respect of teammates and leading them by example.
  • We believe that every LB can make a difference, and therefore must achieve their potential. We believe that if even one LB in every place we go hears the call to make a difference with his gift, then we’ve succeeded.
  • We believe it is our privilege to assist coaches in developing skilled, self-motivated young men for their programs who remind them how much fun they have doing what they do.
  • We believe it is our duty to assist parents, in fostering Confidence, Consistency, Character, and Commitment, the backbone of the A4 Self-Correct System.
  • We believe that the next generation of leaders is lost without understanding the rich reward and legacy that comes to men who sacrifice for a greater good.

Self-Correct Not Self-Destruct:

  • Simply put, the LBA difference is a Self-Correct responsiveness that stems from an understanding of instant feedback.
  • With this Self-Correct awareness, improvement is immediate. And with informed repetition, that difference is permanent

Why Get LBA Certified?

As a coach I would encourage you to come and learn a stream lined Linebacker System that works regardless for the scheme. Learn a read system that allows the Linebacker to have immediate success and answers to fundamental breakdowns. The common language that is being shared with the certified coaches allow for the athletes to play fast and react quick.


  1. You will be given knowledge that will give you a better understanding of the LB Run Fits
  2. You will be able to work any camp across the country and if certified, compensated for your time.
  3. Exposure to peers that are the best in the industry.
  4. Drill fundamentals that marry up to any scheme.
  5. Keys to playing fast against reactionary plays.