Darin Slack

Orlando, FL

Darin Slack was an All-American quarterback at the University of Central Florida, and in 1987, he became the first player in school history to pass for over 3,000 yards in a season.
After graduating from UCF, Coach Slack founded National Football Academies and pioneered a new way to serve coaches and athletes through specialized sports training.

The Founder/President of NFA, Coach Slack has helped train over 40,000 coaches and athletes while establishing himself as one of the top teachers of quarterback fundamentals and leadership in the nation. Coach Slack is renowned for his powerful speaking ability at NFA camps and clinics across the country. He’s created the best-selling quarterback training DVD systems on the market and co-authored two books, “From Headset to Helmet,” and “Cracking the Quarterback Code.” His training techniques are simple, yet extremely effective, for quarterbacks and QB coaches at all levels.
During his time with NFA, Coach Slack has served as a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and Athletic Director at the high school level. He’s also built two high school varsity football programs from scratch.

Darin is presently working full-time with NFA and he travels the country year round as a motivational speaker, skills coach and builder of men seeking to make a difference in the lives and the futures of youth. Coach Slack has great zeal for the game of football, but his wife and five children are always his top priority. Darin knows he will be defined not by his accomplishments as a quarterback or a coach but by his character as an individual, a husband and a father.