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2018 Baltimore Off-Season Development Camp

Apr 20 - Apr 22

Franklin High School, 12000 Reisterestown Rd., Reisterestown, MD 21136

The (OSD) Camp accelerates understanding and execution of each player’s primary movements (mechanics), while helping them develop the ability to self-correct, not self-destruct under pressure. This goal is achieved through a simple process of Installation, Implementation, and Application of competition of the training content.

  • 1-5 Coach to Player Ratio
  • Video analysis for specific positions
  • Peer grouped athletes of all skill levels ages 9-11 and 12-18
  • C4 pass / run mechanics
  • C4 dynamic route throwing
  • Basic read & recognition training


REGISTRATION: 5:00 – 5:45

DAY 1: 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Phase 1 – Installation – “Listen & Learn”

We begin by teaching the primary movements (mechanics) of each position using a common language, non-negotiables, and universal truths that sequentially order that movement's execution toward the desired changes.

This segment is not about an information transfer, it’s about permanent transformation through building block learning supported by compelling arguments, science and biomechanics that result in accelerated understanding.

Phase 1 includes:

  • Leadership and character message
  • Detailed Instruction on the NFA Self Correct System
  • Filming for video analysis
  • Fundamentals skills
  • Primary movement mechanics install


Phase 2 – Implementation – “Rep & Review”

We continue accelerated athlete self-discovery and feel by isolating the most common primary movement variables through simple drill repetition.

The goal is to convert the teaching of clearly delivered installation thoughts to an informed feel using measurable feedback from the results of simple drills & body shapes. This is done through drills that isolate movement with "all other things being constant" (ceteris paribus-Latin for controlling variables to determine whether a particular action is causing a failure or success of the whole).

Phase 3 – Application (OSD Camp includes Light Competition –see #4) – “Act & Assess”

We generate small group, controlled, situational repetitions in live-fire scenarios or multi-tasking drills requiring discipline and awareness.

This segment utilizes guided self-discovery over significant teaching as the preferred coaching method. Player is engaged by the coach after each repetition to demonstrate situational awareness, grasp of assignment, and mastery of technique.

Phase 2, 3 Includes:

  • Leadership and Character
  • High Performance footwork and drops
  • Video analysis
  • Coverage and how to attack it
  • On field escape drills
  • Throwing under pressure

DAY 3: 9:00AM – NOON

Phase 4 – Competition – "Preparation and Performance"

Competing the full scope of learned behavior with immediate feedback, total skill integration, and performance driven outcomes.

This represents the actual assessment phase of what level of change penetration has been achieved by the coach.


  • High Reps
  • Limited enrollment
  • High Coach to Player Ratio
  • Personal Attention
  • 12 - 18 + years Main Camp
  • 9 - 12 years Youth Program
  • Blackshirt Advanced Training


  • A football from your team's level marked with your name
  • Shorts, t-shirt, workout towel (dryfit camp shirt provided)
  • Cleats and sneakers (indoor and outdoor drills)
  • A passion to improve


Team pricing, Coach, call 866-735-3267 for details on substantial team discounts.
  • Military Discounts
  • Hardship Scholarship
  • Multi-Camp Attendance
  • Academy Pricing
  • Select Camp cancellation insurance for only $19.99 (only available at time of purchase online)



  • Registration $595.
  • Optional 4 Pay Plan available:
  • $145 at time of registration
  • $150 60 Days prior to camp
  • $150 30 Days prior to camp
  • $150 1 Week prior to camp
  • Walk-up Registration day of camp is $695.

Wide Receivers & Running Backs

  • Registration $199.
  • Optional 2 Pay Plan available.
  • Walk-up Registration day of camp is $299.
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