• What is QBA/NFA’s cancellation and refund policy?

It is inevitable that circumstances will arise that may require you to cancel your attendance to a QBA/NFA camp. Each year we are given countless reasons and unforeseen situations that make this necessary. To best serve everyone involved, we have the following policies in place. Please read them carefully.

IMPORTANT POLICY CHANGE FOR 2017 Season and beyond: If you do not notify us of your intent to cancel by phone or email BEFORE the start of the posted camp start time you registered for, you forfeit your full registration fee – whether you had camp cancellation insurance or not. 

You can notify us right up to the start time on the day of camp and we will honor our cancellation policy below, but we have had many assume they can miss the camp without notifying us and they expecting a credit or refund. We do our best to provide a fair and considerate cancellation policy, we just ask our customers to respect that by letting us know ahead of time if they have an issue.

By agreeing to the NFA waiver, you accept responsibility for this information and understand this new policy.

  • If a cancellation is necessary for personal, medical, or family schedule conflict reasons BEFORE a scheduled camp begins.

If for some unforeseen reason you have to cancel your registration and you purchased cancellation insurance, you can call us at 866-735-3267 or email us at nfacoach@gmail.com to receive a refund, transfer, or credit at no charge. If you didn’t purchase the insurance, you can transfer to another camp of the same kind in the current season free of charge, or request the funds be held as a credit toward a future camp registration, but there will be a $19.99 administrative change fee assessed to your account. 

Please note:

Application of credit to a camp does not include regional training camps or personal training offers as those are run separately by regional coaches.

Cancellation Insurance

NFA is pleased to provide the opportunity for camper families to purchase cancellation insurance.

In the event that you would need to cancel for any reason BEFORE the scheduled camp begins, you can receive a refund.

Please contact us at nfacoach@gmail.com with any other questions regarding our CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY

  • What is the difference between an “Off-Season Development Camp and a Preseason Preparation” camp?

The Off-season development camp is an intensive 3-day, low coach to player ratio camp that is the platinum standard of training experiences for athletes. I say platinum, because our classic 2-day Pre-season Preparation Camps have always been the gold standard for the industry.

The 3-day camp provides an additional day, additional video evaluation, and the lowest coach to player ratio in the industry. Both offerings include the same outstanding commitment to development in every athlete through a common language delivered by QBA/NFA certified coaches who value the standardization of training to reduce confusion, accelerate learning, and increase the value of the NFA experience exponentially.

  • What’s the minimum age requirement for participating in QBA/NFA camps?

Because of the intensity, pace, and volume of reps, QBA/NFA camps are for athletes ages 9-18. Younger players have historically struggled with catching partner throws, limited attention span, endurance, and retention. Some youth exceptions are made on a case by case basis. (8 yr. old, QB only) If you have an 8 year old QB who you believe can meet the camp expectations, send a request for exemption consideration to nfacoach@gmail.com with a link to his current game film for review.

If accepted, we ask the parent to attend, be on the field with us, and the staff will keep an eye out specifically for him and make sure he is encouraged around the older boys. Players are peer-grouped by age and skill level to maximize the benefits.

  • Is there a camp experience that’s suitable for players younger than 7th grade?

QB Next is our special training curriculum distilled for youth quarterbacks that is paced and positioned to assist developing QBs at any level of experience. Parents are encouraged to attend camp sessions and be on the field.

  • Where did QB NEXT go?

QB NEXT, our youth quarterback program, is still a valuable part of our camp program. In order to maintain the high level of instruction that you are used to, QBA has combined the QB Next camp with the main camp. Players will still be peer-grouped by age and skill level to maximize the benefits.

  • What other options are available for a really young QB?

We have an comprehensive 8-volume DVD set, “The QB Self-Correct System,” that will position any QB to have a solid foundation in the proper mechanics of each phase of his responsibility. It’s considered by many to be the most effective and complete resource for QB development on the market today. This material provides parents and coaches alike the best QB fundamentals foundation possible in every phase of the position.

  • What’s the difference between QB-only camps and camps that include receivers?

Our QB-only camps emphasize skill development, footwork, and control of their bodies. Installing the many phases of the Self-Correct system doesn’t require receivers to be effective. Meanwhile, in some QBA/NFA camps that include receivers, QBs gain a development opportunity different, but equally valuable to sessions focused exclusively on QBs.

  • Do receivers just come and catch balls for the QBs?

In the QB/receiver camps, the receivers are given the highest quality coach training available matching the QB development. They have their own curriculum and installation of the E4 system for receivers. The two will come together at the end of each practice to get route throwing reps in applying what they learned.

  • What makes QBA/NFA camps different from other QB camps/training?

QBA/NFA’s dynamic, sequential Self-Correct training accelerates the development process. Our standardized system, built on a common language of “Why?”, closes the generation gap and gives us immediate access to the heart of the athlete for measurable, sustainable change. QBA/NFA training modules can mature an athlete’s skills as much as a full grade-level in a single camp.

Post-camp repetition will be required to sustain permanence, but the system builds into the athlete the ability to self-diagnose like never before, which only enhances the post-camp experience, helping them sustain enthusiasm and effort. As one coach put it, “They get it, and if they mess up, they can fix it.” Self-Correct isn’t just a slogan, it’s the key to unlocking confidence to attain the next level.

  • How do QBA/NFA camps compare to college camps?

QBA/NFA camps stimulate development through guaranteed reps, individual coaching, and attention of Self-Correct fundamentals to every athlete in attendance. College camps also have excellent coaches on staff, but their primary mission is evaluating and recruiting prospects. This can result in less attention, repetition, and opportunity for sustainable growth in the college camps. The difference: QBA/NFA’s goal is developing athletes, while college camps exist mainly to find college-ready players and focus most of their attention on recruiting them.

  • What are the benefits of attending multiple QBA/NFA camps?

Development is a process. QBA/NFA’s Self-Correct system gives QBs the ability to make adjustments under pressure. The more opportunities a player has for “cracking the code,” the more his development will accelerate.

  • Beyond camps and videos, does QBA/NFA offer other training?

QBA/NFA coaches also provide individual training and small-group instruction on a regional level. These training sessions emphasize the same standardized terminology that athletes learn in our camp environments and training videos. Contact a QBA/NFA/NFA coach to schedule a training session.

  • Why should I attend a national QBA/NFA camp instead of just using local personal QB training?

You aren’t coming to do drills at our camp, you are investing in a partnership to assist in the pursuit of a dream.

There are many local resources that would love to help, tell you great things about your athlete, but you will not find a program like ours specifically designed to passionately and effectively accelerate your son’s skills as quickly as we can. There are many benefits that come into focus when you seriously invest in a program that has a history of proven productivity and partnership.

First and foremost, the Father/Son (and Family) relationship is strengthened through a shared experience and a common language emerges as both learn the value of the mechanics and mental disciplines this program provides.

Second, our leadership message is arguably the most valuable aspect of our program and in the undistracted, focused camp environment, it is able to be driven deep into the athletes through every interaction they have with an NFA coach.

Third, the separation from the normal routine, and familiar surroundings, heightens the young man’s sense of a unique opportunity, and thus he is more willing to focus. That focus sets the stage for a real return on your investment.

Finally, you get clearly coached training that allows him to build an immunity to discouragement. Through a clear understanding of the system and how it applies to him specifically where he is right now, he can Self-Correct, not Self-Destruct.

This vital partnership relationship provides structure, accountability, reason, and feedback to this season of a young man’s life that is such a high level of visibility and competitive pressure at quarterback, it makes this resource is invaluable.

  • What is the difference between the QBA/NFA and any combine program that is available?

There are two schools of thought – development and exposure. In our model, our development creates exposure. In any strategy to expand talent to a point where people take notice, it is simply a matter of placing before the observers an athlete that is trained and disciplined, in the presence of multitudes of others that are not.

  • What’s all this talk about “Zero” and “Getting-to-Zero?”

Long story short, in QBA/NFA’s terminology, “Zero” refers to optimal positioning of the shoulder and elbow of the throwing arm, backed by more than two decades of QB coaching and study of throwing mechanics. To learn first-hand about the difference the Zero principle makes in terms of throwing power, accuracy, release speed, and consistency, register for a QBA/NFA camp today.

Zero position is about gaining an advantage. First, it’s an advantage to understand the biomechanical requirements of the throwing motion. This helps the QB self-correct, or coach themselves more efficiently through feel and feedback. The feel of a well timed and positioned arm during the throw generates a sense of both effortlessness and power at the same time. Feedback comes from the result of the throw…if it’s done improperly, we are able to give the QB simple feedback triggers that help him self-correct and pre-empt the throw with awareness. But if the QB doesn’t understand this timing, he could be working much harder than he has to to generate power.

  • Why are QBs seeing such radical improvement, in such a short time?

Simple. They understand what is expected of them and why. The common sense of the program is so stark, that to even the casually interested thrower, it provides an impetus to try and get better. Put a real chance for significant gains in power, accuracy, release speed, and consistency within the reach of a highly motivated young man and that is a dynamic competitive advantage.