We value your choice to partner with us! We appreciate the trust parents extend in allowing us to help them build better young men and better football players. As you consider such a partnership, consider the heart of parents we are working with. Please scroll down to watch the Parent Testimonial Video and Letters.

The NFA Camp Experience

Why do you keep bringing your son back to QBA camps?

It’s changed our lives.

Mom, what has QBA done for your son?

“You guys put on an excellent quarterback camp. My son will continue to work on his throwing motion and the skill set that you and your training staff implemented into his game. You are a great bunch of teachers, communicators and coaches!”

-Patrick Doyle

“I want to thank you for the efforts made by your staff to teach me the fundamentals of football and of being a man. You have helped me be a better teammate and person, and I cannot fully express how much that means to me.”

-Ryan Lacombe

Improving Athletes As Players and People

Not a Daycare!

“I did not expect my son to perfect all the footwork and arm mechanics in 3 days time, but all the drills and coaching he received will become his foundation to get to where he wants to be as a quarterback. We have attended football and baseball camps before, but your quarterback camp blows them away. Your blend of classroom and field instruction, stationary and game-situational drills, coupled with your focus on character, is second to none.”

-Lance Melton

“We are THRILLED with what we have seen after coming to your quarterback camp. Coming from a mom’s standpoint, I appreciate what you have done for him more than you can imagine. I know that all of the coaches are hard on the boys- and I think that is exactly what they need- but on the other hand, you are able to break them down, but do an amazing job of building them back up and giving them all of the necessary feedback needed to actually improve as a player.”

-Dawn Bivens

Low Player : Coach Ratio = Detailed Attention

Learn The WHY Behind The WHAT

“My son, who a few years ago would be completely rattled and lose his focus, is now becoming the leader you said he would and an amazing young man!! “

– Rich Edel

“You guys did an awesome job and the camp was top notch. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that was shown. We will definitely be looking to attend camps in the future.”

-Sam Burton

Self-Correction, Not Self-Destruction

The NFA Camp Experience

“We arrived Friday night and within 10 minutes my husband and I looked at each other and knew this was for us. The values you were teaching are everything we have been trying to teach our son. He was one of the kids sitting in the far back. Saturday night we talked to him about the talks he had listened to at the camp and made him tell us what he received from it. During the conversation he realized he needed to change. Sunday we arrived early and he went straight to the front row and during the morning session he talked to his coach about the struggle of catching the football. The transformation on Sunday was unbelievable from our son!”

-Jackie Melugin

“Darin Slack’s Quarterback Academy is head and shoulders above the rest. Having read/watched a great deal of material and attended a variety of quarterback camps either side of the pond over a 15 year career, I can honestly say Coach Slack’s coaching philosophy, both in the classroom and on the field have made the greatest change in my performance. Darin’s years of experience and precise vocabulary allow him to conduct efficient, effective and enjoyable sessions. This camp is not to be missed by any QB seriously wanting to improve their skills.”

Oli DeRuyter – QB Farnham Knights

A Career-Long Partnership

Building Men Is Just As Important As Coaching Football

“I wanted to thank your staff for all you do in making a difference in the lives of boys and young men.  We often here of examples of football players making poor decisions and being bad role models for others, but I really believe you are doing your best to develop positive role models and young men that can and will make a difference.”

-Randy Mead

“My quarterback texted me and said that he learned more about throwing in one day than all the other QB camps he’s attended.  I’ve gone through all your stuff on throwing mechanics and we implement the R4 system in our passing game so I knew that would be the case!”

-Cory Snyder, Head Coach Westminster Christian Academy

Detail That Goes Beyond Repetition

An Approachable Staff Delivering A Personal Experience

“From the very first moment we arrived, we were impressed.  Being greeted at the door with nothing but smiles and conversation was just awesome.  We had no idea what to expect.  We didn’t know if we were supposed to leave our kid at the door and be told to wait outside or what it would be like.  That wasn’t the case at all.  We were ALL welcome!

The speech Coach Slack gave the first evening was one of the best speeches we’ve ever heard.  We realized right away this wasn’t just a normal football camp.  This was so much more.  Being able to watch all the drills and the interaction was great.  We could see how much coaching and trying to help each kid meant to each staff member.

Thank you for showing those kids what coaching can be.  Please continue to do what you do.  It’s not just a football thing.  You are teaching so much more. “

-Jennifer Knox

“This camp far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did you all deliver on everything listed in the description on your website, but you all truly went above and beyond.  Nowhere on your web site or on any of the camp information did it say that you would spend 30 – 40 minutes discussing recruiting and taking all questions from parents – even opening yourself up to discussing personal experiences related to your own experience as a father in this situation.   This was only one of several “impromptu” sessions for parents (none of which were advertised, none of which we “paid for”) to help us understand the process and grow from the camp experience.  This Sir, is the epitome of above and beyond and for that I am truly grateful.”

-George Pfenenger

The Complete Experience

Creating Leaders and Teammates

“Your quarterback training program has given my son an opportunity to take what he has learned learn back home and teach and encourage others to be their best and is preparing him for a college football opportunity.”

-Kelly Roush

“As a business owner we understand the difficulty in finding people for your team to carry your business name and morals at the same standard you do. You guys have done an amazing job with your staff! Everyone we have encountered has been great and is very impactful in a positive way.”

-Angela Appleton

The Importance of Academics

Fostering Confidence for Young Athletes

“Not only was the quarterback instruction amazing and more thorough than any other camp I’ve seen but the life lessons, leadership and motivational talks were spot on and exactly what kids need to hear.  I also really appreciated the fact that you are so inclusive of the parents that are there. I will recommend your training to as many people as I can. We will definitely be back.”

-Frank Miscione

“I wanted to thank you for your dedication to developing the quarterback position and helping athletes achieve their goals. Your camp was an eye opener for me about the mental demands of the quarterback position and the true meaning of leading a team.  As a parent that never played the position, your QB camp was very informative. It also established a baseline of common communication to be used during the off-season for my son to improve.”

-Greg Harville

The NFA Camp Experience

The NFA Camp Experience

“The greatest strength to me was the passion that the staff has for what they are doing. Relating football to a young person’s personal character and life is a great strength as well.”

-NFA Camp Parent

“The quality of the coaching staff is excellent. They know how to deliver course materials to both older and younger athletes in a fun, meaningful way.”

-NFA Camp Parent

What has QBA done for your son?

It’s Not Just About Football

“They are not there to tell the kids how good they are and pamper them. They are there to make them better and hold them accountable for their effort. Those that have the true desire and work ethic to improve return for another camp. The others don’t.”


-NFA Camp Parent

“The one thing I feel that sets NFA apart from other organizations is the emphasis on character development as non-negotiable. So many organizations are focused on notoriety and churning out prospects that they lose sight of the importance of sportsmanship and character. Being a Champion at life comes before being a Championship Athlete.”

-NFA Camp Parent

The NFA Camp Experience

The NFA Camp Experience

“While the quarterback skills training was excellent, the dedication to helping build servant leaders sets this program apart.”

-NFA Camp Parent

“My son leaves every NFA camp, not just a better QB, but a better person. Which to us, is much more valuable than how good of a QB he is or will be. Thank you for that.”

-NFA Camp Parent

The NFA Camp Experience

The NFA Camp Experience

“I tell my kid to have a positive heart, positive mind and positive soul. You guys talk about these thing and practice these things. The positive attitude rubs off on these young men.”

-NFA Camp Parent

“NFA’s greatest strength is their commitment to building men of true character. Men who love the game, but for the right reasons; Men who understand what it means to serve those around them and the joy that is received from doing so – on the field, in their schools, and in all aspects of life.”

-NFA Camp Parent

The NFA Camp Experience

The NFA Camp Experience

“My son knows that the staff cares about him and his future as a football player, as a leader, and as a person. Such great examples for these young men follow. Thank you NFA!”

-NFA Camp Parent

“Personal attention given to each player. It’s a positive and fun environment for the boys. My son had a lot of positive takeaways from this camp.”

-NFA Camp Parent

The NFA Camp Experience

The NFA Camp Experience

“We attended the camp in hopes of improving my sons QB mechanics and knowledge of the position. I believe we achieved both of those goals, and even more.”

-NFA Camp Parent

“Emphasis on leadership and repeatable accuracy is exactly what I expect and it’s being delivered.”

-NFA Camp Parent

Parent Involvement Welcome and Encouraged

A Sequential Process for Improvement

“As a first time camper, my son was able to understand some basic quarterback mechanics that he and I can communicate about using terminology he now understands and applies when needed. This has helped tremendously while he works to improve his throwing mechanics and are strength.”

-NFA Camp Parent

Hands-On Experience For Parents As Well

Detailed Teaching That Leads to Growth

Classroom & Video Study For Athletes Of All Ages

Coaches Who Truly Care

A Common Language Amongst The Entire Staff

Self-Correction Is At The Core Of The Teaching

Individual Attention Despite Large Numbers

A Character Message The Extends Beyond the Field

Skills Not Drills

Building the NFA Family

Learn With Your Son

You Are Invited On The Field, In The Drill

Continue Developing After Camp

Inclusive Partnership With The Whole Family

Teaching Servant Leadership In A Modern Way

Video Evalutation Is Front And Center

Improvement You Can See

Keeping The Big Picture In Mind

The Duel Experience

The Duel Experience

Father knows best.